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  1. May 9, 2016

    Donors and Sponsors

    Thank you, Starfinder donors, for contributing $22,204 in response to the year-end appeal.Youth in the Senior Leaders program have been enjoying better equipment, more tutoring hours, and college visits because of your support.
  2. May 9, 2016

    Corporate Days of Caring

    The kids who call Starfinder home know soccer is a team effort – and they’re also learning that life is a team effort. It’s a lesson we teach them but it’s also something they see every day when people and companies help us clean and fix up our indoor soccer field; much in the same way that city blocks come together for clean-up days.
    Days of Caring
  3. May 9, 2016

    College Exposure: Real Talk about College from Starfinder Alumni

    Getting into college – and thriving once you get there – can be tricky for any student, but it’s especially challenging if your parents didn’t go to college. This is the experience most Starfinder kids have, which is why we’ve focused so much more attention on college exposure over the past few years.
    College Roundtable
  4. May 2, 2016

    My Starfinder Family, My Starfinder Home

    A home is defined to be a dwelling place, together with the family, that offers security and happiness. I believe a home does not have to be a place; you can find comfort, security and happiness within a person. This is what I discovered in my Starfinder teammates and coaches.
    Fernando; Stafinder Family, Starfinder Home
  5. October 27, 2015

    “Starfinder has made me a better person.”

    At Starfinder, we’re committed to providing the highest quality programs for young people. Our work is research-informed and thoroughly evaluated. We collect data through surveys, report cards, fitness tests, and focus groups. The 2014-15 Senior Leader Program year was a huge success! Here’s how our students performed in our three program “pillars”.
    summer program
  6. April 5, 2015

    Youth Council Leads The Way

    In January Senior Leaders started taking the lead in a whole new way when Starfinder formed its first ever Youth Council.
    youth council
  7. April 5, 2015

    Senior Leaders earn points to "buy" items at Starfinder Store

    This year saw the launch of the Starfinder Store, where participants trade points for great gear. Students earn points for things like good attendance or earning our weekly award for exemplary behavior, and can redeem them for anything from water bottles to cleats to coveted Starfinder jackets.
    starfinder store
  8. April 4, 2015

    Starfinder from Sallen's View

    Sallen Woewiyu (Starfinder ‘12) recently joined a group of alumni to talk to our current Senior Leaders about applying to and attending college. Sallen, a communications student at Eastern University, wrote to us after the visit to say what Starfinder meant to him.
  9. February 6, 2015

    Girls in Senior Leaders Program at all time high

    This Senior Leader Girls season is one for the Starfinder records! Coach Across America volunteer Casey Stewart led the charge in the fall to recruit girls to the Senior Leader Girls program. She visited high schools and soccer teams and challenged past participants to recruit new girls to the program.
    girls in senior leaders