Starfinder Foundation stays connected to former participants of our high school program through our Alumni and Post-Secondary Services. Starfinder supports the success and development of alumni who are pursuing post-secondary education or training and/or entering the workforce. Through scholarships, post-secondary support, events & socials, and workforce development, Starfinder continues to promote physical fitness, social-emotional well-being, and long-term success of our Alumni. 

  • Scholarships for graduating seniors
    • Starfinder provides scholarships to graduating Seniors in our high school program to support them in the post-secondary journey and to help offset educational costs. 
  • Events & Socials
    • Alumni are provided opportunities for social engagement, relationship building, and physical activity through activities such as reunions, tournaments, and pick-up soccer. 
  • Post-Secondary Support
    • To ensure the personal and professional success of participants after they leave high school, our alumni services provide targeted outreach, mentoring, professionalism and life readiness workshops.
  • Workforce Development
    • Starfinder supports the economic and professional success of alumni. We intentionally recruit, train, and hire former program participants for a variety of roles both at our facility and as coaches in our youth programs. Along with employment, Starfinder helps them refine professional skills including resume writing, interviewing, and communication. 
  • Alumni Roundtable
    • Each year during college winter breaks, alumni return to Starfinder to engage with current Senior Leaders. It is an opportunity for alumni to share their experiences as college students, working professionals, and young adults. They give Playmakers (formerly known as Senior Leaders) a glimpse into life of college, work, and young adulthood.