In-Kind Donations

Starfinder is happy to accept any new or gently used soccer equipment and school supplies.

Here is a list of items we would greatly appreciate!

Generosity on the Field

All clothing must be washed prior to donation.
Remove or cover all visible names that have been written on items.

  • Training clothing including t-shirts, training shirts, athletic shorts, and athletic pants
  • Soccer clothing including soccer shorts, soccer shirts, and uniforms
  • Professional soccer jerseys
  • Soccer socks
  • Warm-ups and sweat suits
  • Base layers and long sleeve shirts (like under armor)
  • Sports gloves and hats
  • Sports bras (must be new)

Soccer equipment

  • Shin guards (adult sizes, no ankle guards)
  • Soccer cleats (must be free of dirt and tied together)
  • Training shoes or running shoes (must be free of dirt and tied together)
  • Soccer balls
  • Keeper equipment: gloves, shirts, and pants

Facility Equipment

  • Cones (in sets, no orange)
  • Sets of pinnies
  • Goals (pugs , round top popup goals)
  • New goal nets (specifications can be provided)
  • Scoreboards

We are unable to accept

  • Clothing with stains, holes, or tears
  • Clothing that has been personalized (embroidered names, etc.)
  • Non-athletic clothing and apparel (jeans, blouses, dress shirts, dress shoes, etc.)
  • Used water bottles of any kind
  • Cleats with metal or screw-in spikes
  • Apparel or equipment relating to other sports (non-soccer)
  • Small youth size clothing (bellow YM)
  • Unpaired shoes

Support our Students

Here are some things we could really use in our classroom.

  • SAT or ACT prep materials
  • Pens, pencils, folders
  • Planners/calendars
  • Poster board
  • Markers (dry erase, highlighters, and sharpies)

Questions about donating? Contact Samantha Swerdloff by email at