what we stand for

Our Story

We believe that soccer is the answer.

We believe that youth development has the power to transform.

Not just our youth, not just our communities, but our society as a whole.

At Starfinder, we are actively refuting the idea that Philadelphia’s underserved youth need to stay underserved. That girls and immigrant youth don’t deserve the same respect and celebration as others. That only the kids with the most resources can be successful on and off the pitch. That graduation and college is attainable to some, but not to all.

Our organization is using soccer to transform Philadelphia. To inspire real social change.

This kind of change doesn’t come easily. Success on the pitch requires hard work, good coaching, persistence and determination. Success in life requires the same.

That’s why we don’t just help kids on the soccer field – we help them develop off the field, too. It’s why we provide educational resources, emotional support and leadership training.  It’s why we cultivate a supportive, tight-knit community that pushes each of our kids forward, together, every single day.

The success of our model is proven. Not just by our 100% high school graduation rate, or 92% college enrollment rate, but by the pride, the poise, the confidence and the happiness of each of our kids.

Every day, stars are born in our programs – stars that may not have been born otherwise.

Every year, those stars are launched into adult society as engaged, responsible leaders who will positively impact the thousands of lives they will touch over a lifetime.

That’s how we inspire real social change: one kid at a time.

Starfinder. Soccer for Social Change.

Starfinder uses soccer to inspire social change and transform the lives of youth in underserved communities, one kid at a time.  Our vision is a Philadelphia region where the playing field is level, and all kids are thriving.