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Items that you will find on our wish list include: SAT and ACT prep materials, items for our student onsite store (where they can “purchase items” from the points they earn), supplies for our soccer program.

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If you purchase Starfinder branded merchandise from our team store, on, we receive 10% of your purchase amount back to Starfinder.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “My Team”
  3. Under “Find Your Team Store,” type in Starfinder under “Team Store Name”
  4. Shop Fan Wear!

Super-Shopper Wish List!

Help us step up our practice regimen with a Soccer Training Machine. This training aid simulates any type of shot or pass that players see in actual soccer games. Long range shots often catch goal keepers off guard; the Soccer Machine can “kick” up to 80 yards providing a perfect replication of a far away shot. The tool is always great for crosses and corner kicks, so field players can strengthen ball control, vollies and headers.

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