Corporate Days of Caring

May 9, 2016
Days of Caring

The kids who call Starfinder home know soccer is a team effort – and they’re also learning that life is a team effort. It’s a lesson we teach them but it’s also something they see every day when people and companies help us clean and fix up our indoor soccer field; much in the same way that city blocks come together for clean-up days.

We’re so appreciative of Brandywine Realty Trust employees (pictured left), who removed two large dumpster-loads of overgrown vines, weeds, and debris from around our property, and Rebuilding Together Philadelphia volunteers (pictured right), who painted the mezzanine walls and railings, installed shelves, replaced ceiling tiles and light bulbs and built wood casing around the field’s I-beams.

To see more photos, visit our Flickr albums:

Brandywine Day of Caring

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia