Senior Leaders earn points to “buy” items at Starfinder Store

April 5, 2015
starfinder store
Coach Casey helps participants choose how to spend their points.

Starfinder teens have a new way to reap the benefits of their hard work!

This year saw the launch of the Starfinder Store, where participants trade points for great gear. Students earn points for things like good attendance or earning our weekly award for exemplary behavior. They can redeem them for anything from water bottles to cleats to coveted Starfinder jackets.

“This is a way for us to make a tangible connection between commitment and reward,” said Jeanette Hibbs, Program Director. “We can tell them they’ll benefit from commitment, hard work, and teamwork, but this is a way to actually show them and help them understand that effort earns you something in life.”

Jeanette added that most save up for items with the Starfinder logo. “The kids want Starfinder stuff. The name really means something to them. They want to represent Starfinder.”

“They can’t buy that stuff with money,” added Mykola Lyakhovolsky, program graduate and current Starfinder coach. “The only way they can get the Starfinder gear is by earning it.”

Farid (age 18) traded points for a water bottle specifically because of the Starfinder logo. “I bring it whenever I’m out with friends, so they ask me about Starfinder and I get to talk about it.”

starfinder store