College Exposure: Real Talk about College from Starfinder Alumni

May 9, 2016
College Roundtable

Getting into college – and thriving once you get there – can be tricky for any student, but it’s especially challenging if your parents didn’t go to college. This is the experience most Starfinder kids have, which is why we’ve focused so much more attention on college exposure over the past few years.

One of the most important ways Starfinder kids learn about college is by talking to Starfinder alumni who now go to places like Penn State (branch campuses and Main Campus), Community College of Philadelphia, and Temple.

Recently, eight Starfinder alumni who go to these schools shared some “real talk” – everything from avoiding the freshman 15 to choosing the right classes to finding a quiet place to study.

Kids take it seriously when their peers tell them that college is tougher than high school.

Like Halimah says, “I learned from the Alumni not to procrastinate, to get everything done on time, and to attend class. Don’t skip! “