Starfinder from Kat’s View

April 4, 2015
Kat speaking at the 2015 graduation ceremony

Starfinder Senior Leader Katerina (Kat) recently shared her experience at Starfinder:

katStarfinder is a welcoming community filled with some of the most diverse individuals from all over the city. Coming to Starfinder is not just like coming to soccer practice for me, it’s so much more.

The coaches and the senior leaders make it possible for Starfinder to be a tight-knit family in which we are able to grow and learn together. One of the most successful things about Starfinder is that we are a unit in everything that we do.

We have a mentor system here at Starfinder as well, where each senior leader is assigned to a mentor who checks up on us to see how we are doing in all aspects of our life. I love this part of the program because it shows that the coaches really care about us and want us to succeed in everything that we do on and off the field.

Starfinder has become a family for me and a place I look forward to coming to every day.

Thanks Kat for sharing your experience!