Youth Council Leads The Way

April 5, 2015
youth council

In January, Senior Leaders started taking the lead in a new way when Starfinder formed its first ever Youth Council.

“It’s an awesome leadership opportunity for me and other Senior Leaders to give our input about the program, and to contribute our own ideas and additions we would like to include.” said Katerina (age 18). “Youth Council allows us to be innovative and allows us to feel like we are working towards something greater than ourselves.”

Every Friday, a group of 13 committed teens meets to discuss different aspects of the Senior Leader program. They also provide feedback to coaches and participate in important decisions.

These teens have already made positive changes. The Youth Council expressed concern about the attendance policy, and how those playing spring sports would be affected. With the coaches, the Youth Council created a new policy to allow teens to play spring sports without negatively affecting their attendance. The group has also organized an International Day Event. They are also working on tournaments and planning for graduation.

“We can’t just preach about leadership, we have to give youth the opportunity to lead,” said Jeanette Hibbs, Program Director. “The Youth Council bridges the gap between Senior Leaders and staff; it gives them a voice.”

youth council

Students celebrate cultural diversity at the Youth Council’s first annual International Day