Starfinder student-athletes chosen to Strive!

July 15, 2018

Each year Strive brings together student-athletes from high schools around the country and helps them become character leaders on and off the field.

For nine days, these athletes live together and play competitive-level soccer (boys and girls), basketball (boys and girls), or lacrosse (girls). Immersed in a growth-mindset culture, they debate, compete, develop new skills, celebrate achievements, share meals and personal experiences, embrace and question new concepts — and, of course, sweat!

At Sports Challenge, there is a celebration of diversity. Learning to work with different people is a key feature of the program. Students share every part of every day with people who may be very different from themselves — for many students, this is a new experience. Strive offers a robust scholarship program so that all athletes who are accepted can come Strive!

This year, two Starfinder student-athletes were chosen to participate in the Strive Sports Challenge: Justin Gilkin and Jessica Luna. We couldn’t be prouder! Check them out as they play and Strive!