My Starfinder Family, My Starfinder Home

May 2, 2016
Fernando; Stafinder Family, Starfinder Home

By Fernando, Senior Leader

A home is defined to be a dwelling place, together with the family, that offers security and happiness. I believe a home does not have to be a place; you can find comfort, security and happiness within a person. This is what I discovered in my Starfinder teammates and coaches.

The amazing people at Starfinder have become more than just teammates, coaches or friends. They have become family.

My Starfinder family is the reason why this soccer facility has become more than just an enjoyable place to play soccer at and be educated. Starfinder is where I developed as a person, soccer player, and a student.

Every week I learn something new about soccer or even a new vocabulary word, but most importantly I learn how to become a better family member. I had never met so many supportive people in one place before. During our Winter League at Starfinder we had six different Starfinder teams and other high school or club teams outside of Starfinder.

I will never forget the other Starfinder teams cheering me, calling my name every time I scored against an outside team. Starfinder has given many memories, but most important this facility has become my home. It’s where I have found the comfort and security a person needs to achieve happiness.