Rosy Henao hopes to go to West Chester

February 2012

In a city with a high school graduation rate of only 58%, Rosy Henao’s aspirations go far beyond that statistic. Hailing from Philadelphia’s Olney section, where pathways to a positive future are ridden with drugs, crime and other deleterious behaviors, Rosy sets her sights on college. While waiting to receive college acceptance letters, Rosy is focusing her efforts on relieving the financial burden of college by applying for financial aid, grants and other scholarships. She expects to find out in March if her first choice, West Chester University, becomes a reality.

With classmates struggling to finish high school as young mothers and fathers, “education first” resonates as Rosy reflects on her involvement over the years with Starfinder. Working as a Starfinder Summer Intern in 2011 helped her realize the impact she can have on young kids. “I want to major in Business Management so I can create a soccer program (like Starfinder) for kids.” Rosy never saw herself as a role model until she learned that playing games like Duck, Duck, Goose, giving high fives, and demonstrating her soccer ball skills brought smiles to young faces and created a connection with the aspiring soccer players in her neighborhood.

Rosy is blessed to have a great role model in her own home – her Mom! Each morning at 4:30, Rosy’s Mom rises to do household chores and make preparations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then heads off to her full time job. Rosy marvels at her Mom’s energy and dedication and is inspired by her parents whose devotion and love encourages her to do the best she can in all her endeavors.

Rosy enjoys Tyler Perry movies because the content is related to real life situations that are presented through a humorous story with a moral. Always the fashionista, Rosy draws confidence and strength from the maxim, “To be yourself is to be different.” Starfinder is lucky and privileged to be Rosy’s home away from home.