Dodji Freitas is about to graduate from Holy Family University

November 2012

Dodji is a senior at Holy Family University. He accomplished a great deal to get to this point, and he serves as a wonderful role model for all of Starfinder’s young participants.

Talk about a leadership opportunity that you had in college that Starfinder helped prepare you for.

I am currently one of the captains of the Holy Family University men’s soccer team. One thing we were taught at Starfinder is to work hard, be respectful, never take anything for granted and most importantly respect every person we come across.

Tell us about your favorite thing from your time at Starfinder.

I was part of Starfinder from 2007 to 2009. My favorite memories from Starfinder were meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds and learning from them, and also attending different soccer workshops.

How did Starfinder prepare you for college?

I believe that Starfinder helped me mature as a player and also as an individual to be able to progress in class and also on the soccer field.

Talk about the differences between your high school and college experiences.

College students pay for their classes whereas some high schools are free, so you wouldn’t expect college students to cut class. College students are expected to come to class having already studied the material, so that more information can be covered each semester than is possible in a typical high school setting.  College students are typically self-motivated and more able to take responsibility for their own learning.

What words of advice would you give for the kids in Starfinder program on getting prepared for college?

The first weeks of your first semester will be a whirlwind of activity. However, you have to be at your best to be socially involved as possible because you will need lots of help in college. One other thing is being organized. The last thing you want to do during the first weeks in college is scramble to get organized. Make a system of organization and stick to it. Also build a strong relationship with your academic advisor.

If there is one thing you wish you knew in high school you know now, what would it be?

Go to every class, take advantage of the extra help that teachers offer and also go to study halls.